‘From Seed to Table’
Education programme

Broaden your pupils knowledge about fruit with ‘From Seed to Table’, brought to you by National Schools Partnership and Bonne Maman. This fantastic, new education programme provides you with the tools to help teach your 5-9 year old pupils about the origins of fruit as well as growing, using and consuming fruit.

Young girl in red dress holding a basket

The Programme has been designed to be taught in 3 phases through downloadable, level specific resources with links to your national curriculum.

All 3 phases are also supported by a teacher guide and curriculum links. You can find links to all these resources below:

Teacher guide Curriculum links

All age 5-7 resources All age 7-9 resources

NEW pupil competition

Get creative with your pupils and enter the competition, by creating pictures around the
theme of ‘growing’, for the chance to win some fantastic prizes including £800 worth of
gardening equipment
for the winning pupil's school.

Pupil competition entry form

The competition closes Friday 31st March 2017! Click here for full T&C's.

Globe with a tree in it

Where does fruit come from? phase 1

Explore where and how a variety of fruit grows.

Supporting resources: Poster ‘Where in the world does fruit come from?’ (we recommend printing this on A3 paper).

Activity sheets 5-7 years Activity sheets 7-9 years Classroom poster

Plant pot with seeds

What does fruit need to grow? phase 2

Investigate the growing process from seed to fruit.

Supporting resources: Poster ‘What do strawberry plants need to grow?’(we recommend printing this on A3 paper); Video ‘Strawberry Growth Cycle’; Extension sheet ‘Bees and Pollination’.

Activity sheets 5-7 years Activity sheets 7-9 years The Strawberry Growth Cycle video Classroom poster

Mason jar smoothies

What can fruit be used for? phase 3

Discover how fruits can be used in a variety of food.

Activity sheets 5-7 years Activity sheets 7-9 years


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